"In order to
defend yourself
from a knife,
you have to
know how to
fight with a

-- Keith Pascal

Keith Pascal, author

No Frills Deal !

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting

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No doubt about it, 16 ebooks all about knife fighting for only $47 is a great deal.

Still, some people don't feel the need to delve that deeply into knife fighting. If all you need is an efficient system for learning to knife fight with automatic reactions, then this is the deal for you.

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting is guaranteed to help you improve your knife fighting skills in ten days or you get your money back.

The Deluxe ePackage is for the true knife-fighting enthusiast. The expert who can't get enough practical information on efficient knife fighting.

This Budget epackage is for anyone who wants to improve his or her knife fighting skills -- from complete beginner to advanced practitioner.

(Guess what! I'll still throw in a couple of bonus downloads. They aren't from the knife-fighting collection. They cover more general martial application. I think you'll enjoy them.)



Download the ebook 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting (with a couple of general martial arts ebonuses) for only:


Do what it takes to become skilled with a blade. Practice a variety of drills and exercises.

If there is any chance you'll ever carry a knife or even need to pick up a knife in an emergency situation (you know what I am talking about), then you absolutely have to react with the most efficient responses possible.

Click below to download this valuable ebook:

Buy 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting here (budget epackage $27.75)

Click here for information about the Deluxe Knife-Fighting ePackage ($47)

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