"In order to
defend yourself
from a knife,
you have to
know how to
fight with a

-- Keith Pascal


Extra Knife eBooks for Owners of 10 Days ...

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Because you are a valued customer, and because you already own 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting, I'd like to offer you a set of my newest ebooklets on knife fighting for one low price.

Here's what you'll receive:


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #1
Learn to hold the knife properly. Make your "pretend moves" more realistic. And even practice throwing and sticking ... steak knives.

This is the first in the series of knife fighting tips to take you to the next level.

Practice one tip per day.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #2
What if you had a knife and your attacker had a much bigger weapon. What would you do? You need a new strategy.

Once you develop new tactics, how do you incorporate them into your system?

And as long as you are making new strategies, let's talk about defending against other weapons ... like guns (no, I am not kidding) and ... back to knives (with a twist).


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #3
Did you like the new strategies you just learned? Do you know how to generalize them, so they work in a variety of situations?

Before you do any generalizing, read this chapter. Then, work towards making your new strategy automatic.

Ready to take that strategy to the next level? Here's a chapter that raises the level -- for intermediate to advanced fighters only.

The last chapter in this set of tips should be considered by all. It's the briefest of discussions about empty-hand fighting against a s knife.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #4
You can tell a lot about a fighter by how he or she holds a knife.

So, what's your "pre-fight" style?

After you make a few adjustments, we'll go into a discussion of "super skills." If you have two such skills. I have a strategy for you, that will take others by surprise.

And if you need a super skill -- lucky you -- you have a great knife-fighting course, to "increase your talents."


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #5
This is one of my favorite sets of tips!

By treating a regular household object as a weapon, we can learn ... to cut our swings short, double slash, and how to create tighter angles of attack ... and defense.

Do you have any gardening tools?

I jokingly refer to one tool as the next great ninja wepon. See why.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #6
This set of tips deals with multiples -- both multiple attackers and multiple knives.

If you ever have the occasion to hold two knives (or have an extra as a back-up), then you'll appreciate the first two chapters of this ebooklet.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Mini-Knife Tips 1 - 4
We're not done yet.

I created four mini-articles for you. Each is only one page long.

That's one page of an important tip -- a principle or tip for you to consider the next time you practice with a knife.

Remember, one tip per practice session.

In my mind, I can see your knife fighting skills improving at a fast pace.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Blur Smith: The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World 1 -3
Do you like stories?

I do.

And this parable, will give you some very important principles to consider. Reading them in a story adds interest. And makes the tips stick in your memory.

Not only that, but Blur Smith with renew your enthusiasm for "10 Days to Better Knife Fighting."

This is a fun read -- but more, you'll never block someone with a knife again.

Read the parable.



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