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"In order to
defend yourself
from a knife,
you have to
know how to
fight with a

-- Keith Pascal


Now, instead of waiting for a CD-ROM in the mail, you can receive an immediate download...

Your Knife Fighting Skills Will Improve
in 10 Days, or Your Money Back... It's that simple

This ebook gives you 10-days' worth of practical knife fighting drills and exercises. Elite martial artists know some of these exercises. Other drills and principles are being revealed here for the first time.

Each day, you'll find exercises for beginners and advanced knife wielders. Those new to direct knife fighting with love the drills designed to make your moves automatic. The more advanced practitioners will appreciate the super practice drills -- exercises designed to make each move as efficient as possible.

Without these exercises, you'll be more susceptible to fakes and feints. And in a knife fight, a fake could mean you get cut, instantly. This is serious business -- you absolutely need to be able to react, automatically and efficiently, with smooth, quick motions.

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting
comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Take Eight Weeks to Decide!

Take up to 8 weeks to decide if this epackage is just what you need to control your attackers with a knife.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Order 10 Days to Better Knife fighting:, and also receive Knife Fighitng Tips Volumes 1 -6, Circle Stabbing for Fast Improvement, Slicing Checks and Blocks, and Mini Knife Tips 1-4:

immediate download of all these ebooks and ebooklets (PDF) ($47),

on CD-ROM ($27 + $4 postage and handling),

Buy 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting here  


You Can't Just Play Around with a Weapon and Assume You Are an Expert

If you are at all interested in the weapon side of martial arts and/or knife fighting, then you have to give 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting a try.

Everyone who goes through these exercises improves.

As mentioned before, that's a guarantee.

Now it's up to you to decide. I have just guaranteed that your knife skills will improve in 10 Days.

Are you ready to become more skilled with a knife in 10 days, or will you be one of those who just dreams about "someday, when...."

If you don't have a little time each day, to practice fun exercises that will automatically teach your body to respond, then you aren't serious about improving.

What I just said may sound harsh, but it's the truth.

I want you to be one of those who can handle a knife better than those who think they already know how.

It's up to you ....

Buy 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting here

Read more about 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting and the other knife ebooks included ...

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