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"In order to
defend yourself
from a knife,
you have to
know how to
fight with a

-- Keith Pascal


The Greatest Knife Fighter
in the World Tells His Story




Does Blur Smith, The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World, really exist?

No, Blur Smith is a story, but not just any story. It's a parable designed to help you improve as a knife fighter.

I am going to be honest with you. I designed the Blur stories, to help sell 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting.

Originally, Blur Smith, The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World was compiled for my customers. I intended to hand the single ebooklet out to owners of my other books.

But the story ... took on a life of its own. The material, completely different from 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting, was too good to be gifted. The story of The Greatest Knife FIghter in the World expanded.

Then a second part was created.

And finally ... or maybe not ... Part 3 concluded the discussion of efficient knife fighting.

In all, you receive three PDF files....


Two Different Knife Fighting Book Styles

What's the difference between 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting and Blur Smith, The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World?

10 Days... is an ebook filled with knife fighting exercises and drills to help you improve your skill as a knife fighter. There are lots of drills for you to practice -- hands on exercises, to help you improve your skills.

On the other hand, Blur Smith takes a more indirect teaching approach. You read a parable, filled with important principles, and you start to think differently about knife fighting.

Neither of the books claims to be a complete fighting style. Both will help you improve with principles that you need to know to survive a knife fight.



What You'll Find in Part 1 of Blur Smith

Get to know Blur Smith. Learn of his beginnings, and how he discovered the difference between knife fights in movies and a real, skin-slicing knife fight.

In this first part of the parable, you experience the dangers of blocking in a knife fight. You'll discover the speed of a violent knife fight. And you'll get a glimpse of the beginnings of gaining knife efficiency -- economy of motion.

Blur contrasts all of the above of the artificial knife fights that one sees in the movies.



What You'll Find in Part 2 of Blur Smith

In Part 2 of the story, Blur shows how you can control your attacker's movements with your blade. Your attacker responds to the flickers of movement with your blade. Your opponent's reaction, will determine how you control subsequent reactions.

From there, Blur discusses all aspects of a survival exercise, that is worth the price of the entire book. You interact with your environment very quickly.

Pay attention to the think-ahead reactions. You'll need them in a knife fight.


What You'll Find in Part 3 of Blur Smith

Part 3 of Blur Smith, The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World, is filled with useful information:

    * Footwork in a knife fight. It's different than an empty-hntand encounter.

    * Analyzing knife-fighting techniques from other styles.

    * Ice-pick grip in a knife fight.

    * The story of the Aikido Knife.

    * Impromptu Wing Chun Dummy for Knife practice.


And finally, Blur leaves you with pizza-parlor advice about fakes and feints in a knife fight.

At only $8.95 for all three ebooks, this could be the best martial arts e-deal on the Internet.

Click here to order all of Blur Smith for only $8.95,


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