"In order to
defend yourself
from a knife,
you have to
know how to
fight with a

-- Keith Pascal


Make Your Knife Fighting Automatic With These Exercises


If you carry a knife, you need efficient knife fighting techniques!

Did you know that most people knife fight like a bull in a china shop? Unfortunately, they both look very uncoordinated in their movements.

And only the bull does any damage.

Yet, everyone thinks that they could do damage, and successfully defend themselves, if they had a knife.

It's like punching. All people think they know how to hit another person. Even toddlers know how to hit. They just do it. Pow!

But the truth is that not all punches are created equal. (That's why I wrote The Punch Papers: How to Punch Harder, Faster, and More Efficiently.) Some people have devastating punches. Others don't.

Everyone knows how to use a knife, too. Right? After all, we cut our food with knives.

If you had to, I bet you could pick up a knife and use it in a fight. I you had to.

But if the attacker in front of you were a competent knife fighter, then you wouldn't have a chance. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, you'd be in a world of hurt.


It's Even Worse for Martial Artists ....


Standard Training Doesn't Work

Have you had any martial-arts training?

Were you taught to block and then either punch or kick?

That type of training doesn't work in a knife fight -- at all! With the spread of Filipino martial arts, books on prison knife fighting, and the information explosion of the Internet, two-step block-and-responds are completely ineffective.

Try it, and you'll get cut. Your timing would be off.

What really hurts the classical martial artist are the angles used in a knife fight. About 70% of the martial arts taught rely on the 45 degree angle of response. Not only does it take too much time to fight at such a wide angle, but the distance is all wrong.

A competent knife fighter would easily slice even a skilled black belt without knowing why the knife techniques were working so well.


Newsletter Subscribers Expressed Their Fears

My name is Keith Pascal, and I am a full-time martial-arts author. I am also the senior editor of Martial Arts Mastery, one of the longest-running ezines on the Internet.

Thousands of subscribers were surveyed. Over 91% of the returned surveys stated the same need. They wanted practical weapons training. And of the weapons mentioned, the knife was listed by far the most, and it was the most feared (besides a gun).

The readers of Martial Arts Mastery represent all skill levels. So, they needed an ebook that would help both beginners and advanced knife fighters.

Rather than making readers learn an entirely new style, I decided to take a more efficient route.

Keith Pascal is one of those rare individuals ... a realistic martial artist with a talent for both writing and teaching. He tells it like it is with his own style of writing -- with humor injected to keep things even more interesting. I recommend Mr. Pascal to anyone wanting good, realistic martial arts instruction in any format.

-Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc
Head Instructor Universal System of Self-Defense


You Can Learn To React Automatically with a Knife

I decided to share 10 principles that I think are crucial to efficient knife fighting. You learn one principle per day for 10 days.

Each day, you get both introductory exercises and also super practice drills. These drills and exercises are designed to teach your body to react automatically.

Automatically and efficiently.



You don't need me to tell you that you won't have time to think during a knife fight. It all happens fast. Blindingly fast.

And I want you to be able to react efficiently and effectively ... with pure speed.

You work through these exercises with a partner. Start slowly -- then work up to full speed. You do your planning before you start the exercise -- when you are actually in the middle of the drill, you just react.

Whether you are working through the instructions quickly or at a slow pace, you still rely on your reaction response. It's a matter of training your body how to react.

As I said before, whether you have never picked up a knife before, or are an accomplished knife fighter, these principles will turn you into a much more silled knife wielder.


"Thanks for writing this. It is badly needed."


I have purchased several of your books now. I have been extremely pleased with all of them.

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting did not disappoint.

You have packed more precise information into 211 pages than I thought possible.

The skills, drills and exercises in the book are efficient, accurate and to the point. No fluff. No hype, no mysticism, just real-life information that could save someone's life. It can be a bad world out there. It's hard to describe the pleasure I feel in being able to share your knowledge with my training partner, my 17 year old son.

As you say in your introduction, you don't teach "a complete style in a book." No you don't.

What you teach are real techniques, real skills, and real methods of improving them in a systematic way.

Thanks for writing this. It is badly needed.

Paul Stevens
[Look for Paul's Newsletter on Aiki-Jiu-Jitsu.]


Look For Natural Targets

While you practice reacting automatically, you also improve your angles and sense of fighting distance. You'll have to be close enough to reach your opponent with your blade, but not so close that your opponent's blade can easily reach you.

Sound impossible? It's not -- it has to do with targets. You'll choose closer openings on your attacker's body, but those same spots on your body will be well protected.

Also, you'll learn to go straight from one opening to another without pausing or telegraphing your intent.

You won't always go with the obvious opening. The expected shot isn't always the closest -- especially with a slight change of angle.

If this sounds complicated, don't worry.

The exercises really are easy to execute. And they'll help you add automaticity to your knife defense.



10 Days to Better Knife Fighting:

* Works with practically any martial arts style

* Has some principles you will apply to your empty-hand techniques

* Includes several Super Practice Exercises at the end of each chapter

* Is a safe way to learn practical techniques

* Will help you feel more confident when wielding a knife

* Only provides direct, efficient knife-defense moves


100% Money-Back Guarantee

In a minute, I am going to describe all of the ebooks you get for one low price in this special knife-fighting ebook package.

First, let me offer you this guarantee:

If for any reason...

you feel this ebook was a waste of your time, you may have a complete refund. I know you will significantly improve your knife fighting skills, but I want you to be completely satisfied. Take up to eight weeks to decide.

That's my promise to you.

Order Now, and Get All of the Following Downloads For One Low Price:

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting is "THE" knife fighting course. It starts with the basic automatic exercise of Slash and Thrust, taken from Filipino martial arts, and it progresses from there.

Learn to deal with fakes and feints, distances, automatic reactions, fighting to the outisde, and a lot more.

Complete with detailed photos and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for beginners and advanced knife fighters alike.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Circle Stabbing For Fast Improvement is a training exercise taken from a former Bruce Lee student, Ed Hart.

The difference is that his exercise was practiced with empty hands and a bunch of focus gloves.

You'll be practicing these exercises with knives. They are as fun as video games, and circle stabbing gives you a great work out, to boot.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Slicing Checks and Blocks is a different way to look at the efficiency puzzle in knife fighting.

Admittedly, this is a more advanced discussion for those already familiar with knife fighting.

If you become confused reading this little ebook, write me. I bet I can help.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #1
Learn to hold the knife properly. Make your "pretend moves" more realistic. And even practice throwing and sticking ... steak knives.

This is the first in the series of knife fighting tips to take you to the next level.

Practice one tip per day.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #2
What if you had a knife and your attacker had a much bigger weapon. What would you do? You need a new strategy.

Once you develop new tactics, how do you incorporate them into your system?

And as long as you are making new strategies, let's talk about defending against other weapons ... like guns (no, I am not kidding) and ... back to knives (with a twist).


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #3
Did you like the new strategies you just learned? Do you know how to generalize them, so they work in a variety of situations?

Before you do any generalizing, read this chapter. Then, work towards making your new strategy automatic.

Ready to take that strategy to the next level? Here's a chapter that raises the level -- for intermediate to advanced fighters only.

The last chapter in this set of tips should be considered by all. It's the briefest of discussions about empty-hand fighting against a s knife.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #4
You can tell a lot about a fighter by how he or she holds a knife.

So, what's your "pre-fight" style?

After you make a few adjustments, we'll go into a discussion of "super skills." If you have two such skills. I have a strategy for you, that will take others by surprise.

And if you need a super skill -- lucky you -- you have a great knife-fighting course, to "increase your talents."


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #5
This is one of my favorite sets of tips!

By treating a regular household object as a weapon, we can learn ... to cut our swings short, double slash, and how to create tighter angles of attack ... and defense.

Do you have any gardening tools?

I jokingly refer to one tool as the next great ninja wepon. See why.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Knife Fighting Tips #6
This set of tips deals with multiples -- both multiple attackers and multiple knives.

If you ever have the occasion to hold two knives (or have an extra as a back-up), then you'll appreciate the first two chapters of this ebooklet.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Mini-Knife Tips 1 - 4
We're not done yet.

I created four mini-articles for you. Each is only one page long.

That's one page of an important tip -- a principle or tip for you to consider the next time you practice with a knife.

Remember, one tip per practice session.

In my mind, I can see your knife fighting skills improving at a fast pace.


10 Days to Better Knife Fighting cover Blur Smith: The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World 1 -3
Do you like stories?

I do.

And this parable, will give you some very important principles to consider. Reading them in a story adds interest. And makes the tips stick in your memory.

Not only that, but Blur Smith with renew your enthusiasm for "10 Days to Better Knife Fighting."

This is a fun read -- but more, you'll never block someone with a knife again.

Read the parable.



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Do what it takes to become skilled with a blade. Practice a variety of drills and exercises.

If there is any chance you'll ever carry a knife or even need to pick up a knife in an emergency situation (you know what I am talking about), then you absolutely have to react with the most efficient responses possible.

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