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"In order to
defend yourself
from a knife,
you have to
know how to
fight with a

-- Keith Pascal


Knife Fighting --
Before the Attack

These are unsafe times. Everyone needs to be more aware. You have to be ready.

What preparations have you taken?

Have you started carrying a weapon? Maybe a knife?


Let me ask you a question:

Could you get to your knife in time?

font face="Verdana" size="1"> You are walking down a street at night. Your knife is safely tucked away in your pocket, belly pack, or purse.

You look up, and there is a mean looking guy across the street. Before you can react, he is already crossing the street. He is coming straight at you.

He is on top of you, before you can react. Ouch.


Tips for Being Ready ... in Time

1) Choose the Right Knife

While any knife is better than no knife, for some of you -- there are better knives for the job of self defense. Choose the right one.

Of course, you may have legal considerations for your area, concerning length of blade, whether or not it is concealed, and whether it is a single-edged or double-edged knife.


Legal considerations aside, you want a knife that is:

* handy. Easily grabbed in your pocket, You don't want to fumble.

* easily opened. If you have to have fingernails to get it open, you won't make it in time in a fight. No wonder switch blades and stillettos are so popular. Some lock blades have aplace for the thumb to rotate the blade open more easily.

* silent while opening. A lot of switch blades make a distinct sound when being opened. I suppose if were an intimidating sound, you might give your attacker second thoughts about approaching. Do you really want a bold warning.

Fancy butterfly knives (balisong) can be opened silently, when you aren't doing all of the spinning flash.

2) Scan Early

A martial artists biggest benefit is that he or she is very aware. It comes with the territory. With proper martial arts training, you become more aware.

Use your senses. Scan often and scan early.

If you are walking down that poorly lit street, you should be able to see your potential dangers even before they see you.

Give yourself time to get to you knife.


3) In Riskier Situations, Be Ready

You don't have to have your knife in hand as you circulate through a party ... held by your relatives. But it might not be a bad idea to walk down a poorly lit street with your hand on your knife.

Adapt to the sdituation.


4) Know the Law

I mentioned this before. It's important. I don't want you arrested for carrying a concealed weapon.

It will benefit you to know your leagal parameters. Enough said.


5) Be Prepared to Use It (& Lose it)

If you are going to carry a knife, be prepared to use it. You may have to, one day.

Know just how far you'd go in a fight.

And please, please, please practice fighting against someone with a knife. You could lose yours in the attack. An instant later, your aggressor has YOUR knife. And you have nothing.

You'd better be ready.



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