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"In order to defend yourself from a knife, you have to know how to fight with a knife."

-- Keith Pascal

Get All of the Knife Fighting eBooks in One Set


The Knife-Fighting Set: All of the Knife eBooks by Keith Pascal

How would you like everything listed on this site for one very low price?

This package deal is for those who want the practical exercises of 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting, the Indirect learning of important principles in Blur Smith, and the fighting drills and ideas found in ALL of the ebonuses.

You get:

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting (211 pages)

Blur Smith Parts 1,2, and 3 (94 pages)

Circle Stabbing for Fast Improvement (14 pages)

Slicing Checks and Blocks (20 pages)

Best of Mastery, Volume 1 (20 pages)

Best of Mastery, Volume 2 (20 pages)

The Speed-e-B ook (28 pages)

PLUS Two more martial arts bonuses!

All of the above for only $35

Order your Immediate PDF Download for $35:


Order your Set on CD-ROM ($35 + $4 postage and handling):

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