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Martial Arts Special for
February and March, 2005

High-Powered, Intensive Knife Fighting!

Offer ends March 31, 2005 -- Order "10 Days to Better Knife Fighting" in any format, and you'll receive our second Knife Epackage Free!

10 Days to Better Knife Fighting is available for immediate immediate download to your computer , or sent to you on CD-ROM .

Read more about 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting, but be sure to hit your back button. You'll want to take advantage of this special offer and receive both knife ebooks with the following ebonuses:

* 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting. Practical and efficient drills designed to help all martial artists improve. (211 pages)

* Blur Smith: The Greatest Knife Fighter in the World, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Read a story and become a better knife fighter. Blur discusses both basic and advanced principles of knfe fighting. (101 pages)

* Circle Stabbing For Fast Improvement. A fun exercise to help a specific automatic reaction in a knife fight. Very important -- crucial, even. (14 pages)

* Slicing Check and Blocks. Most people don't know that when you try to slice your attacker's wrist, you accidentally expose your own. Whether you meeting an initial stab, or countering an attempt on you wrists, you need to consider the various angles of attack. (20 pages)

** Plus two more ebonuses. In all, a hair over 400 pages of knife fighting materials, for one low price .... for a very limited amount of time.

By the way, as soon as this offer ends, you will still be able to buy both packages separately -- for more money.

Are you ready to improve your knife-fighting skills?

Order your copy of 10 Days to Better Knife Fighting and all of the extras:

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All in one package:

Featured Book: Wrist Locks


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